Father of ureteroscopy to present at UROBESTT 2020

Pioneer of the application of lithotripsy and percutaneous nephrolitectomy in Spain and father of ureteroscopy (URS), renowned urologist Dr. Enrique Pérez-Castro Ellendt (ES) will present at the second edition of the URO Berlin Skills Teaching and Training (UROBESTT 2020)....

Are you the ultimate Challenger to beat?

Are you searching for mentors to help guide you in the next stage in your career? Are you ready to challenge fellow young urologists and seasoned experts with your innovative research? The second edition of the at the URO...
UROBESTT full house

1st UROBESTT features fresh innovations and talent

By Erika De Groot Young promising urologists took centre stage as Challengers at the first URO Berlin Skills Teaching and Training (UROBESTT), a novel programme of the European School of Urology (ESU). During the Challenger sessions, these contenders defend...