Are you the ultimate Challenger to beat?

15 August 2019


Are you searching for mentors to help guide you in the next stage in your career? Are you ready to challenge fellow young urologists and seasoned experts with your innovative research? The second edition of the at the URO Berlin Skills Teaching and Training (UROBESTT20) programme could be the ideal platform you are looking for.

UROBESTT is designed to expand the capabilities of promising urologists such as yourself who are eager to learn and upgrade their skills. Every aspect of this programme is tailored towards your educational and professional needs.

In this article, we interviewed Prof. Dr. Olivier Traxer (FR), a respected faculty member and mentor of the UROBESTT programme.  For eight productive years, Prof. Traxer dedicated his expertise and served as a valued board member of the European School of Urology (ESU). Together with the ESU, he was integral in developing the UROBESTT programme where he will remain as one of its esteemed contributors.

“As a UROBESTT20 delegate, you will enjoy its dynamic programme; from the practical Hands-on Training (HOT) courses to in-depth discussions on patient cases and state-of-the-art lectures,” said Prof. Traxer.

What’s waiting for you at UROBESTT20

UROBESTT20 aims to offer you insights and lessons learned from real-life situations. You will also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with approaches and methodologies of colleagues across Europe.

According to Prof. Traxer, this second edition of UROBESTT promises you more interaction with key opinion leaders and peers, as well as, more demanding Challenger sessions where you can showcase what you know and what you do.

“The Challenger sessions can be nerve-wracking but definitely exhilarating for participants. You will stand on the podium, present your research results and defend it to the expert panel. As a faculty member and a mentor, it is truly rewarding to witness  to see a young Challenger expound upon their research and give arguments to demonstrate their thoughts,” shared Prof. Traxer.

In addition, on UROBESTT20’s day one ESU Chair Dr. Joan Palou (ES) will also impart information on how to give a lecture, how to teach, and how to reach your audience. This will be followed topics on laparoscopic renal surgery such as evaluation and treatment through pyeloplasty; indications and technique of endopyelotomy; and limitations of radical nephrectomy.

Day two will continue with more Challenger sessions and HOT courses interspersed with lectures on laparoscopy focusing on reconstructive surgery, and endo-urology  centred on devices. You can expect coverage on ureteral reimplantation, catheters and guidewires.

After a hearty lunch, you will know more about lymphadenectomy in prostate cancer, as well as, the origins and evaluation of ureteroscopy.

And what better way to conclude the third and final day of UROBESTT20 than with a wrap-up of this special programme and a much-awaited award ceremony for the best challenger of them all?


UROBESTT20 will offer you three days of a well-rounded Scientific Programme and riveting peer interactions under the mentorship of a knowledgeable faculty.

“The general atmosphere of UROBESTT20 will be informal, lively and engaging as the first edition was. You will learn tips and tricks that will benefit your practice. You will contribute to the education of your fellow delegates as well. You will brainstorm with the best of the best,” stated Prof. Traxer.

How to apply for UROBESTT20

To join this exclusive programme,  you must be a certified urologist and an EAU member who is or younger than 41 years old. You are required to submit a clinical case related to topics such as laparoscopy, robotic urology and endoscopy.

The selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis as the UROBESTT20 programme will only accommodate a maximum of 90 delegates. Selected delegates will be granted a complimentary hotel accommodation for two nights.

How to be a challenger

If you are selected as a UROBESTT20 delegate, you have the opportunity to participate in the Challengers sessions.

The candidate must have three published works of his/her own research and data, and a letter of recommendation from the head of the department. A total of six challengers will be selected based on a certain criteria.

If you are selected as a challenger, you are required to submit your publication list, the recommendation letter, and the titles of three lectures on the topic of choice. Each lecture should have a duration of 10 minutes.

For more information about the application and challenger criteria, the UROBESTT20 Scientific Programme and important dates, please visit

UROBESTT20 will take place from 16 to 18 April 2020 in the vibrant German capital, Berlin.