Challenger Session

Challenger Session

As a selected participant of the UROBESTT meeting, you are also eligible to face-off with leading experts during the Challenger Session competition!

Present 2 lectures (duration of 15 minutes each) on the topic of your choice, preferably based on your own data. Afterwards, you will defend them against the panel and the audience. Only 8 participants will be selected for the competition.

Interested? Here’s how to challenge the experts at UROBESTT:

Step 1 – You must first meet the following criteria:

  • You have published 3 publications with your own research and data
  • You have a recommendation letter from your head of department

Step 2 – Once selected as a Challenger, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Titles of 3 lectures of your own choice, preferably based on your own data, of which 2 will be selected for presentation
  • Publication list

Note it is no longer necessary to submit a video.

Step 3 – The course directors will compile the Challenger programme and you will be informed as soon as possible which 2 topics have been chosen for you to present.